Saturday, January 3, 2009

Called to Serve

Since few foreign missionaries are being called to Russia, the Russians are stepping it up. Here, Tanya has come to the Mission Office to open her Mission Call. Daniel is the local Branch Mission Leader. Olyesa, in red, got her call a month ago. Over twice as many are serving as have in the past.

The two sisters will serve in Vladivostok and Moscow West after they go to the MTC in Provo for a month of training.

The visa problem takes a toll on all the missions because the USA missionaries are returning home, but none are being called. The visa trips themselves are often very time consuming.

If you're wondering what to focus on this Fast Sunday, we would welcome your faith and prayers in behalf of the Russian Missions.

Love to all.
Elder and Sister McEvoy


kaibert said...

Is this a recent problem or has it been developing over a period of time? Are no new missionaries being called because of the visa problems, or are there other reasons, too? (Friction with the Orthodox church? Could they be behind the visa Problems?)

Dena Dewey said...

We will be fasting and praying for the Russain missions and for the Gospel to continue to move forward. It's exciting to see the native Russian people serving in their own country, I'm sure it will be a great benefit to have them serving amoungst their own people.

Lizard Tongue said...

We love hearing about your mission there. Every couple misionary should have a blog to share the great missionary experiences with all. We will pray for the Russian Missions.
Gayle B

Mom in Mendon said...

Egbert, We may never know the reasons behind it.

Dena and Gayle, Thanks for the prayers!