Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

The Yekaterinburg Zone took half a day to celebrate with dinner at the Mission Home. The other Zones had their own gatherings. (Pictures from them later). Russians don't have a holiday like it, but our one Russian in the Zone, Elder Yazvinsky, was a good sport about it all.

Sister Nuzman, Pie Baker Extraordinaire, helps President and Sister Allcott while President carves one of their two five-pound turkeys imported from Germany. Jello and canned pumpkin were brought from America; dressing made from scratch.

Since this counts as P-Day, Elders relax and play Settlers of Catan, and "Pounce" with Rook cards. After dinner, Elder Isenbarger tells a story about his former companion, Elder Campbell.


kimimcevoy said...

sounds like a nice time! I love that settlers game! we have competitions with that. I love you dad, I missed talking to you

The Packs in Mendon said...

Happy Late Thanksgiving!