Monday, February 22, 2010


Salads are both similar and different. A cold salad with vegetables is common as a first course or as a side dish at a meal.  However, they're not the tossed green salad we tend to expect.  A salad here means something more like a potato or chicken salad mix.

The salad will almost always be mixed with mayo and will contain meat, sometimes more meat than in the entree.  The combinations are new to us:  potato salad almost always has canned peas; a beet salad may contain fish, and so on.

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Saddie said...

Thank you for your blog, my son Russell I mean Elder Ellsworth is enjoying his mission in Russia, and I felt so much closer to him and to the work reading your blog. Thank you thank you. I so enjoyed reading about Russia and the missionaries. The pictures were great. I will miss your blog. But a warm welcome home! From JoAn Ellsworth Payso utah