Friday, April 17, 2009

Lesson in Surgut

After the great food, Elder Mizin (Russia)and Elder Stewart (NJ) taught their investigator about the Word of Wisdom. She's the brunette in the gray top.


Dena Dewey said...

I love your post! All your pictures truly make your mission come alive. Elder Dewey loved Surgut the month he was there.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful missionary moments! I hope spring is on it's way so you can enjoy the warmth of the sun again.
Happy Easter!

dixiewhitehead said...

That's a really nice doma. The dinner looks very scrumptious.

And what a lovely family. Thanks for sharing.

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Thanks for writing. We get to see Elder D. often now that he's in Yekat.

Dixie, It was a nice home, in a typical building. Lovely people!! So generous!