Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Snow

Days are much longer now, so it's still daylight at 9:00pm, but no serious green growth to be seen. Instead, we keep getting snow storms that melt away quickly. The Russians joke about their weather.

"We have three months of cold weather, and nine months of really cold weather."
Alexsey: How was your summer?
Vladimir: It was OK, but I had to work that day.

(Elder Mac as we arrived at the Office last week. He spent the winter helping keep the walkways cleared. It's common to let the ice build up on walks and scrape it away at the end of hard winter.)


BigKev said...

It is good to see you got Dad's 'good side'. ;) We are concerned about getting a little rain today and tomorrow... We should remember to count our blessings, huh?

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Hi, Kev. Enjoy your rain!

dixiewhitehead said...

So you're saying the weather there is like Cache County weather? Just kidding. I won't tell you what our Spring weather is like right now. Very interesting and fun blog entries. Good luck to the beautiful sister leaving on her mission.