Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Church Educators

These leaders visiting with all of us
at the Young Single Adult conference
broke into the Song of the Volga Boatmen
  • President Solomein: Member 12 yrs.; a Mission President after 5; architect; CES in Yekat.
  • Brother Drochykov: Member 10 years; CES Director in Novosabirsk
  • Brother Kosmynin: Samara CES Director; formerly a bomber pilot in the Russian AF.
  • Brother Kostak: Raised in East Germany; CES Director for the Europe East Area.
(CES = Church Education System; church classes for teens and college students.)


Melissa said...

please peredai a HUGE privet and hug to Solomeins! I love that family and miss them so much!

The LDS Blogosipher said...

Wow, our Church boasts some great minds. I once heard an objection to our missionary work as we only recruit individuals who are oppressed, poor, and uneducated. I laughed. Keep up the great work and surrond yourself with spiritual giants.

Josh Jackson
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