Friday, August 28, 2009

Yuri and Ludmilla

We went with the Elders, President and Sister Prihodka, and Elena from our branch to visit Yuri and Ludmilla. Once again, we're overwhelmed a their hospitality. Super was prepared at their kitchen on the porch. This loving couple were cheerful and kind and fun to be with.

The summer is so short that people get to work fast at their dachas or sods (gardens) and you can feel things winding down already. Because of the long days, things can grow large, like the big cabbage.

We got to try "summer soup." This cold dish starts with potato-salad-like vegetables in a bowl; then you pour on ka-vas' (a popular drink that tastes to us like carbonated vinegar). Topped with sour cream, the soup was a nice combination of contrasting flavors.


R-Eight said...

long days or radiation? :) The gardens are amazing!

dixiewhitehead said...

Beautiful area! Sweet people.

Mom in Mendon said...

Rach: : )

Dixie: What's your blog address? We went there once but can't find it again.

Ashley Thalman said...

This makes my heart ache for Russia.