Monday, March 9, 2009

Hail and Farewell last week

Sister Konstantinova returned to Ukraine the same week her boyfriend finished his mission; she emailed to say she's engaged.

Sister Kelemen, former student of Jim McEvoy, returned to the Keleman family of Provo.

Elder Reynolds returned to Gladewater TX and offered to take a little something to the Rodgers in nearby Lindale.

Tall Elder Scott, nephew of Telly Longhurst, went home to Mt. Green, Utah; he talked with Elder Mac about B-ball at USU.

Elder Reynolds in his last official translating assignment during the farewell devotional at the Mission Home.

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Dena Dewey said...

Wow! So many great missionaries leaving. Congrats to sister K! Elder Dewey loved working with sister K. Great pictures...thanks McEvoys!