Saturday, March 7, 2009


Elder Larry H. Gibbons of the Seventy, a counselor in our Europe East Area Presidency, will be touring our mission this week.   We've been gearing up for that.

Before the week is out, we'll welcome Patriarch Thomas Rogers to our mission. Russia has no patriarch living here yet.  People need to get their patriarchal blessing in their own language, so two Russian-speaking patriarchs in the US come to the Russia Missions every couple of years. It's Yekaterinburg's turn!

He's scheduled to give over a hundred blessings in less than a month.  Unfortunately, some 40 more people who want blessings will have to wait.  We've been asked to help with his visit, so Elder McEvoy has been working on his calendar.


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Mom in Mendon said...

Elder Gibbons is an uncle to Ken Gibbons, our Mendon neighbor.