Saturday, March 21, 2009


We loved Finland. Helsinki is one of several main European cites that border the Baltic Sea, including St. Petersburg.

We ran into a Finn who was LDS and who had served his mission in the San Fernando Valley, our hometown. He acted as impromptu tour guide and took us right to some great spots, including the wharf. He recommended "tuna pizza," which we actually liked.

Sister Mac had to stop at the Marimekko store--the Finnish design company she has long admired.

Great stay at Temple housing: Temple President Luthy is from Cache Valley. His wife is Finnish, but she says they conduct more sessions in Russian. Elder and Sister Gee, former Yekaterinburg Mission President, took good care of us. We were fed--literally and spiritually.


dena dewey said...

Tuna pizza sounds interesting. Helsinki looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing. (Elder Dewey needs to remember his camera next time.)

R-Eight said...

I love to get a peek at your adventures while they happen.

Christina said...

Those pics look oftly familure and bring back some great memories!!! I loved going up there to renue my visa while I was in Moscow, everybody looked forward to spending the day up there, experiencing CLEAN streets for just a moment and being amongst a new and different culture!! Great times, hope you get to go up there again!! Eric MAC