Tuesday, December 22, 2009


  • Our great Ukrainian elders, just back in the Office from visa renewal in Kiev: Elders Kurbatov, Melnik and Bagmet
  • Hardworking Elder Cutler during practice for the Branch Christmas play.
  • Goodbye dinner with Elder Isenbarger and his companion, Elder Pearson, the photographer.
  • Elders Smith, Heuer and Cooper stop mid-stride for the camera on their way to their first visa renewal trip to Helsinki.
NOTE: Elder Isenbarger, Krogue, O'Dair and Shreeve went to the airport to go home today, and their flight was canceled because of bad weather in Europe; they can't leave for two more days.

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dixiewhitehead said...

Oh yes, I recognize Elder Kurbatov from Ukraine.

You have a great blog, Donna. How wonderful for parents of the missionaries to have a window into the Yekaterinburg Mission through you and Elder McEvoy.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!