Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How cold IS it?

In the last few days, Russians have been warning that a -35 day was coming--and here it is! Elders Taylor and Kurbatov arrive at the Office after their walk from the bus. (The bus stopped because the fuel froze?) They're at the entrance, showing the ice that has formed inside the door in the ante-room. Meanwhile, Elder Wilson makes them hot chocolate back in the kitchen.
This site shows averages; this one shows comfort level, which we presume takes into account windchill.


Kaibert said...

Continental cold air (from Russia (from where else?)) sweeps over Austria and the temperature is around 32° F. It was -14° F in the mountains, when I went skiing on Monday. In about 7000 feet hight.

Tom said...

IT was about this temperature that I froze my nose on Mt Timpanogos. I do hope they keep their noses warm.

Thanks for posting and letting us see our missionary!

Tom and Katy Taylor

Eric said...

I'm glad to hear your getting some good ol Russian Temp!!!
Just make sure that you put on your carpet pants and shopkee to keep yourselves warm. If that doesn't work you can always find a nice fellow sleeping at a bus stop or outside the metro entrance and he/she should be quite warm to snuggle up with, but you may have to deal with the drunkenness. Ha Ha, I'm just kidding!
I love you guys, Keep warm!!!!


The Mendon Packs said...

Wow! I won't complain about 0 degrees anymore! We hope you guys are doing well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!