Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Russian Winter

We are experiencing a Russian Winter, at least compared to last year. The weather has been quite cold around the mission, with some areas as low as -43 Celsius. The wind in our area of Yekaterinburg seems to always bow from the pond area, making it just a bit cooler. With the humidity in the air, sometimes the wind simply penetrates all clothing.

Scarves are essential elements of clothing, and they help immensely to protect ones cheeks and nose. However, they seem to collect the breath and fog glasses and also freeze to one's eye lashes and eye brows.

Elder Stewart (New Jersey) is pictured here after a few hours in the Ufa cold.

Suggestions: Don't try this at home!


SrStewart said...

This is wonderful! If I was his mother, I'd cry. Oh. I am his mother.

dixiewhitehead said...

That is an unbelievable picture.

Darlene Anderson said...

Ooooooo, I love this photo....would you take one of Elder Anderson, pretty paleeeeese?

heather and fam said...

Elder McEvoy.....your son says he came home many mornings from his paper routes looking like this!!!(oh I can just picture poor young Brett looking this way). So he said to tell you he doesn't feel one bit bad for you Roger Dodger ;) I guess in a sense it's payback :) We love you guys! Any package from us yet?
Oh and Happy New Year also.

Mom in Mendon said...

Hey, thanks for the fun comments.
Sister Stewart, your son sent us this picture; we didn't see the real thing.
Dixie, I hope your Elder is staying warmer in Ukraine.
Sister Anderson, If we see Elder A. looking like this, we'll grab a camera.
Heather, Elder Mac has chuckled about the paper routes in Logan. I guess it IS pay back time. We were plenty cold in our two hours outside today, I'll tell you! No package yet, but we're still watching,

Kaibert said...

Like I said last year:
-44° Celsius = -44° Fahrenheit