Thursday, January 7, 2010

One More Christmas Story

These Elders are the ones who were scheduled to fly home on December 22. At the airport, they were told they would be delayed 48 hours; at least they'd make it home Christmas Eve. They took off on the 24th, but we got the "rest of the story" from the Allens today:

"When the four returning missionaries got to Frankfurt, Elder O'Dair didn't have a ticket home. So Elder Shreeve stayed an extra day in Frankfurt with Elder O'Dair so that he wouldn't have to be alone at Christmas. [The two were flying into AZ.] They both came home late, but we are sure their families were glad to see them."

(l-r Elders Shreeve, Krogue, Dasha, us, Elders O'Dair, Isenbarger, 23 Dec. 2009.)

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