Tuesday, January 19, 2010

До свидания

Instructions have just come from our Area Presidency that missionaries not maintain blogs. We want to comply. : ) For the record, we asked permission before we began, but as time has passed we have heard things that make us see the need for such direction.

As long as we're writing one last time, we have this to say:
  • Heavenly Father loves each one of His children. He wants our happiness.
  • Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind. He offers exaltation to all who are willing to follow Him and abide by His precepts.
  • Joseph Smith has restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Earth today.
  • The Book of Mormon is true; following its principles will make your life happier--we promise.
  • The Church is lead by a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, who reveals God's will for our times.
  • The Heavens are opened. That is, each of us can be guided by the Spirit to have direction for our lives. Prayers are answered.
  • To those who already know these things: BE TRUE!
Love to all,
Elder and Sister McEvoy


R-Eight said...

Well, I feel lucky we've had this little window on your lives until now. I don't think I would know nearly as much if you hadn't been blogging every few days. It has been a good thing. Love you!

Dena said...

Does this include parents/family members that maintain blogs for their missionaries as well? Is it possible to maintain a private blog? This is disappointing.

Ashley Thalman said...

Oh I am so sad about this! I will really miss your updates but will know that things are still going well for you.

heather and fam said...

It was great while it lasted :) Love you guys!

Darlene Anderson said...

Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and photos; I learned a lot about Russia and it helped me feel closer to what Elder Anderson is experiencing there. Thank you for your testimony and obedience; I appreciate your blog and will miss it.

dixiewhitehead said...

Oh no!

Your blog has been amazing. I learned SO MUCH about the Russian traditions and loved it.

May you be blessed in your efforts in the wonderful Yekaterinburg mission.

siobhan said...

i'm devastated and hope someone somewhere reconsiders!

my husband is a russian student in southern california. while some of his classmates are natives, most are not. they've loved reading your blog for the insight it gives. it's fun to "watch" americans discovering russia!

(as an aside, it's also been a great missionary tool! while his instructors have enjoyed using your blog to show the students what life is like according to americans, we've loved the questions and attention that has come our - or rather, the church's! - way.)

sad to see you stop. :(

Anna and Alan said...

Thats okay! its always good to comply with the lord! p.s. you will be home soon anyways! I am excited to meet you guys in person!

Anonymous said...

Way to follow the rules. Just remember, you need to have some problems to repent of. We need you here.

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Thanks for your nice comments, everyone. We will still be in touch with family via email, of course.

Dena, I don't know what we're being asked to do as far as family or private blogs. I hope we get to meet in person sometime. : )

Steve & Shauna said...

We will miss visiting your blog now and then. You take amazing pictures and give good descriptions. We are thankful for what you have done. I think that the "no blog" direction is for missionaries, not their families. It has to do with wise use of missionary time I think--that's just me. Hope to see you some time this year.

KAIBERT said...

Very sad ... I was always looking forward to your very interesting informations! Thanks for everything! Your area presidency has no idea what big impact such a blog has! Like a better understanding of a different people ... I would not comply, but that's a diffrent story!