Thursday, January 7, 2010

Food, Glorious Food # 1

We haven't said enough about food. Originally we wondered what we would eat here. Well, the brands are different but we lack nothing.

We love trying Russian food, but when we're on our own we gravitate to the familiar. For lunch at the office we've had grilled cheese, tuna salad, and BLT's--Russian style. That is, crisp fried slices of kilbasa and tomatoes; skip the L or use Chinese cabbage leaves. Russian mayo is excellent.

Recent dinners have featured chow mein (frozen broccoli, chicken, fresh mushrooms w/real Asian noodles); enchiladas and fajitas w/ homemade tortillas; pork roast and baked potatoes; pasta alfredo w/chicken; tuna casserole; etc., etc.
(Elder Mac serves enchiladas to Vasylina, Elder Stoops (Norway), and the Nuzmans; BLT's w/out the L.)

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