Monday, February 23, 2009

What do you DO? - Part III

Tuesday and Thursday nights we head to English "club." The 20-40 minute bus ride (expect traffic) is part of our adventure. If we sit near someone who feels like "talking," we might make a new friend or two.

If someone smiles, we may hand them a card. We may ask, "Do you speak English?" Many do speak a little--certainly more than our Russian. Some approach us.

Besides pass-along cards, we give a card that invites them to English club, or we offer them a "Pregleshenia," an "Invitation." This little tri-fold tells what Mormons are doing in Russian, explains our views on families, and briefly mentions the Prophet Joseph Smith, and tells about the Book of Mormon--Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  The handout was designed by an Elder who served in Moscow. People have been wonderful. They practically never refuse us, and whether we talk together or not, we love their kindness and intelligent comments. 

At English "Club," the missionaries respect the rules that forbid us from conducting "classes" since we're not a licensed school. We are permitted to sit for an hour and converse in English on a chosen topic--"fast food, vacation destinations, housing, etc." After the discussion, the missionaries offer a five-minute spiritual thought in Russian to anyone who cares to stay. Most do stay. Some want English alone. Others like the spiritual thoughts and want to hear more.

Photos: Grand old veteran we met on the bus; English club after several people left, w/ Elders Shreeve (AZ) and Elder Savage (CO); Russians tend not to smile for photos.


R-Eight said...

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

hey dad!! this is salli, i love you pictures. just wanted to say hi and tell you i had my first choir performance yesterday and it went really well! THANK GOODNESS it is done and over. there was a lot of suspense built up for it and just fear of the unknown that is over so thats good!! just wanted to let you know. I sure love you!! thanks for your great example!! love Sal

Kaibert said...

... I like all those neat insights ....