Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What do you DO? Part II

Sister McEvoy, Mission Secretary, shares the main Office with our Travel and Membership Elders, the AP's, and Elvira, the visa clerk and mission mainstay--each with a computer.

Sister Mac's day begins with an email check--notes from SLC or Moscow, referrals to forward. After that she gets into her projects: taking weekly statistics and sending them to SLC, ordering supplies, updating lists after transfers, fine-tuning applications for local missionaries, or information gathering. Meanwhile, the phone rings: "I need. . ."
  • a new name tag (lost mine on the tram)
  • the email of the Vladivostok Mission
  • a Book of Mormon in Arabic
  • to talk to Elder McEvoy
Sometimes called "Secretary to the President," Sister Mac gives precedence to requests from President Allen--a letter to fax, a report to locate, a calendar to print. The Mission President acts as the Stake President, so she does District/Branch work, too.

For the Mission in General, she is supposed to know pretty much everything. For instance, she can most likely tell you an arriving Elder's flight plan, any missionary's release date, visa trip info, and when the cleaning crew will show up at the Mission Home. If you ask, she probably knows who is serving in what area, where to get phone numbers for the Mission, everyone's middle name, parents' contact information, and so on. Supplies come in and go out through her. Do we have hymn books, Missionary Daily Planners, mail from home, Priesthood forms (Russian and English), manuals, sacrament cups, YW jewelry? That's her territory.

Keeping in mind that this is being done by a person who claims she can't organize a recipe file, you can see what we've got here.
(Picture: the McEvoys on P-day.)


Petrea said...

It is fun to read what you both do. How very valuable you are to the success of all the missionaries, the mission president and everyone else! You are doing such great work!!!

robin k said...

Love these blogs about what you do!

Kaibert said...

Nice to hear about what you do!

R-Eight said...

I've seen your recipe box, I hope your efforts are being blessed. ;) I love reading what you do and eat and see.

Mom in Mendon said...

Petrea, thanks for the encouraging words! We hope we're getting things done right. And thanks, Robin, Egbert and Rach. We want to post more details--when we have time! :)