Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Games People Play

Soccer on a cold day in Yekaterinburg is a GIVEN. They play at all times of the day and night, except they do not play on Saturday in the large community filed. Who knows why?

At night, the basketball court in our compound has become an ice rink. The kids and adults use this each night for skating and hockey. The picture isn't very clear, but the air is and it is also COLD!

Here is the rink from our apartment window. It is warmer in here!

Just to make sure we aren't left out of the games; here are our Elders in a game of Amerikansky Futbol at the soccer field at the school by our office. Several stopped by to see the 'crazies' either for the game they were playing or for the 'crazy' ball they were throwing and catching.

The temperature at the field was only -17 C.
Don't worry Moms, they are protected!


Dena Dewey said...

Sooo crazy cold!!

Christina said...

WOW, that sure looks cold! And I thought Boise was cold! :) I love all the pictures of the ice sculptures too, that is amazing! I bet you guys are already for spring!