Thursday, June 25, 2009

C - O - L - D Showers

As mentioned, the city controls the utilities to apartment buildings, including hot water. We were warned that in summer months they conserve. Our heat has been turned off for a couple of months, which hasn't been a problem.

However, yesterday morning NO HOT WATER! We think we could hear a man in a neighboring apartment expressing his displeasure at the discovery. 

Now we heat water on the stove so Elder Mac can shave. : )

EDIT: It turns out all sections of the city get the hot water turned off while they check/clean the pipes.  If yours are OK, you get your hot water back.  If pipes are bad, they have to dig them up and you're out in the cold for a month or two.  We have our hot water back already!  Some missionaries have gone without for eight weeks or more.


Kaibert said...

About 30 or more years ago (during an energy crisis)a late ministerpräsident of Austria claimed that a wet shave conserves more energy than an electric shave. Whats your oppinion or calculation?

R-Eight said...

May be the cold will help bring down the potency of the radioactivity in the water??

dixiewhitehead said...

We are spoiled!

Melissa said...

We take so many things forgranted! I hated our no-hot-water weeks!

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Love your comments. Yes, it does give us perspective