Monday, June 15, 2009


We generally avoid political discussions, so when we talked about "Dream Destinations" in English, we didn't expect Svetlana's answer: "Cuba."
Pause. Mild surprise on our part.
"For the climate?" we asked.
"No," she said simply. "To see Castro." Others murmured agreement.
"And what is it about Castro that appeals to you?"
Pause. Mild surprise on their part that we should ask.
"He is so romantic. His speeches," Valari tried to explain, demonstrating with stiff posture and raised hand.

We can see why--the little guy who stood up to the big USA.


R-Eight said...

Wow. Surprising and understandable.

jared stanley said...


only kidding.

Kaibert said...

... Castro would have spoiled my whole lifetime ... glad I live in Austria!

dixiewhitehead said...

Very interesting. I wouldn't have guessed.