Thursday, June 4, 2009


We're catching up in the Office after our Wonderful Weekend.

It was unusual for us to have every missionary gathered together at once, but now they're all back at work in their areas after sundry bus and train rides.

President Allen thanked Elder Mac for all his behind-the-scenes work. "We couldn't have done it without Elder McEvoy." When asked for the highlight of the event for him Roger said, "When it started." He took care of plans small and large.

Large: Meeting hall. Despite our early plans for the best possible place, we didn't get a contract signed until the Monday before the Sunday meeting. Tense.
Small: Contents of gift baskets; platorm seating arrangement signs; water bottles in cars.

Meanwhile, Sister Mac did her various assignments, such as "invitation" design. Her favorite task: Vaselina Novikova asked her to help with the Church's reporting of the event.


R-Eight said...

Love hearing about all this stuff. It sounds like a really good visit.

Barbara K. said...

Where can we read your report?

Mom in Mendon said...

Hi, Rach. We're always glad you comment.

Barbara. The red words in the post are a link to the Church Newsroom, and this URL goes to the article in the Church News:

Thanks for asking. How are you?