Sunday, June 7, 2009

Preach My Gospel

This book, Preach My Gospel is THE tool for missionaries across the world. We have really come to develop a desire and a love for the teachings within this powerful publication.

When the book was first released, I used it with our youngest son Al and his friends who were all at the age of deciding about serving a mission. I have since learned a great deal more about the book, its authors, and its purpose. Now we use it in our time here in Russia, and have come to the conclusion this would be a great course of study for the grandchildren we love. Family Home Evening anyone?

Look at the book and see the concepts, the principles, and most importantly, the doctrines that are taught in those inspired pages. Think what powerful young members these McEvoy and Stanley grandchildren will be as they learn from ‘goodly parents,’ the principles and doctrines which are available in Preach My Gospel.

There is not much that is new here, but there are well planned lessons which are powerful.

To view and use this book in your own spiritual study, use this link for Preach My Gospel.

Elder & Sister McEvoy

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dixiewhitehead said...

We used Preach My Gospel for FHE before our son left on his mission. It is a great book and resource.