Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"For the Strength of Youth"

Leeza, Leena and Anya comprise the YW Society in our Botanika Branch. They came for dinner last night, along with their mother and Elders Brown and Ellsworth, who gave a spiritual thought from "For the Strength of Youth."

The Elders help translate, but when they had to leave we still managed to communicate, thanks to a few words they know, a Russian dictionary, and Google translate.

When Elder McEvoy started to wash dishes, Leeza saw that he had a sore on his hand and she shook her head and looked up the word "impossisble." Then she and Anya pitched in.

Their mother, Natasha, joined the Church ten years ago. At that time, they walked about 5 km to church. The round trip was over six miles. She said the little girls hurried to church on the run--in rain or snow or whatever--but on the return they were tired and slower--glad to get home and nap.

(Elders Brown and Ellsworth at choir practice on Sunday)

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Ashley Thalman said...

This family has grown so much....