Saturday, July 18, 2009


Friday night we joined the Nuzmans (CO) at the Novikov's apartment for a pleasant evening of dinner and conversation.

Vaselina is a great cook and made a vegetable pea soup garnished with fresh dill, followed by a Russian favorite, potatoes and mushrooms, sauteed with onion. The salad was a tasty cole slaw with red peppers added.

"Compotes" or drinks made from fresh (or dried fruits) are popular. Often the whole fruit is left in the drink. In this case, she used black currents and added a very little sugar. It was excellent. It's thicker than we're accustomed to, and Russians don't like cold drinks--no ice--but it was really delicious. She set the table "Americanski" style and it was really lovely.

We're grateful they both speak English, because we could converse. She told us how she missed Russian foods while serving her mission in England, and again while traveling in America.

Oleg is a professional carpenter and maker of fine furniture. He carved the teak wood blocks that were given as gifts from the Mission to President Uchtdorf and Elder Andersen when they came to Yekaterinburg in March.


Kaibert said...

... I have to go down in the kitchen now to eat something ...

Ralph said...

mmm yummy!