Sunday, July 19, 2009


The summer here is lush. It may be a short season, but it's certainly green.

Besides all the growth, the clouds are always in motion and the sky seems extra blue. We've had rain showers, too.We love the breezes and leave our windows open all night. The summer has seemed more like constant spring.

Meanwhile, plumbing issues continue. When our water was off for 24 hours, apartment residents like us walked to the corner pump with buckets and jars to fill. The water is back on, but we haven't had hot water for over two weeks. : ) We can't complain. Most residents in the small cottages don't have indoor plumbing; they not only lack hot water, but they have to come to the pump almost daily.


Dena said...

Beautiful pictures! The weather there looks delightful. We sure could use a few rain showers here in Az where the the temps are climbing near 118.

Thank you so very much for emailing the picture of Elder Dewey and Elder Matthews. Pictures are the BEST!!

Kaibert said...

... ah, summer! I really like this season ... swimming in a lake!