Friday, July 24, 2009


When Sergey came to a meeting at our house with Elders Shreeve and Bassett, he brought a large container of mixed berries from their summer garden.

We love being able to participate in these discussions. Sergey asks profound questions: "What should I teach my 2-year-old son? The things I teach will go forward for generations, impacting hundreds or thousands."

The fruit is excellent. Black currants are new to us, but delicious. (We've seen them at home.) Try them with other berries or fruit. Different flavor, but SO yummy!


Mary said...

I found your blog from Design Mom's--your daughter? Anyway it was fun for me to look at it because my nephew, Elder Magleby, just returned from that mission. I never really saw any pictures or got a real feel for what his mission was like until I read parts of your blog.
So thanks.

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Thanks, Mary! Elder Magleby is home now, but we miss him and we look forward to seeing him again.
Yes, DM is our daughter.

I knew the Magleby family during their brief time in St. George years ago.

--Sister Mac

McElprangs said...

Elder Shreeve is my brother and it is so much fun to see his pictures on this blog. Give him a hug for me:)

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Hi, McElprangs. Elder Shreeve is great! We see him fairly often because the AP's need to be in the Office a lot.

momof5 said...

Hi, I just found your blog through Design Mom. I am thrilled because I served in Yekaterinburg from Aug 1995-February 1997. My husband also served in Yekaterinburg. We have wonderful memories of your missions. I mostly served in Hemash (south of Yekaterinburg) and in Chelyabinsk. My husband served mostly in Chelyabinsk. We hope you don't mind if we periodically read your blog to bring back the fond memories of our missions there. We would love to be able to somehow get email or blog addresses of members there. We tried to write them for years but with the mail system many letters were returned or lost.
Thank-you for your blog.
Julianne and Jeff Baer

Mom in Mendon said...

Привиет to Старайшина и Сестра Baer!

Glad you're checking in with us. If you're looking to make contacts over here, try Facebook. Our Russian friends and acquaintances use it all the time. BTW, FB was created by a Russian. :)