Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sound a cavalry charge! Nine new missionaries!! After watching so many of our Wonderful missionaries get released, it's a huge boost to have this contingent arrive early this morning from the MTC.
Welcome to:
[front row] Elders Gillming (Yuba City, CA), Cutler (Draper, UT), Sister Mezinets (Ukraine), Elder Steiner (Sandy); [back] Elders Stanley (N.Ogden,UT), Haag (Bountiful UT), Smith (Spokane, WA), Cooper (St. George, UT), and Heuer ( Highland, UT).

(Paperwork for 2nd passport; meeting companions/trainers)


Dena said...

AWESOME! What a great looking group! It won't be long until this new group will be the older Elders/Sisters.

Dena said...

Hey McEvoy's,
Is there a chance you can hint around for someone to take a few wonderful photos like these from zone conference and send home? It's messing up my ZC/area on my blog. Hahaha! JK!(sort of). Just another silly request from a pesky mm.
P.S. thanks for posting to your awesome're the best!

dixiewhitehead said...

What a happy and excited bunch. Tell Sister Mezinets that I have a connection with her. (From my email to you). Great pics!

Robin said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've been following your blog since Daniel got his call. I was hoping you'd post some photos of the new missionaries. I figured no news was good news, but it is so nice to know he's there.

Elder Heuer's mom (Robin)

Mom in Mendon said...

Dena, We'll see about those ZC pictures.

Dixie, I told Sister Mezinet we had a connection!

Sister Heuer, We're so glad to have your son here!