Sunday, September 6, 2009

St. Petersburg

Elder Alexandr Sergeev completed his mission a few weeks ago and has returned to his home in St. Petersburg. Here he is with his mission buddies who are coming through town en route to Finland for visa renewal. (Elders Isenbarger, Campbell, Dewey, Murphy and Dial.)


JoAn said...

hi, So Elder Ellsworth has not e-mailed anything for 2 weeks... if you could let him know his momma is missing his letters that would be great... if I go another whole week i may have to call the mission office and ask if he is alive. ... i know he was transferred so you may not see him or have any contact... but if you do that would be great. Still love your blog and elder Dewey's blog. Thanks for all the interesting updates. :) JoAn Ellsworth

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...

Hi, Mom. Elder Ellsworth was formerly serving in our Branch in Yekaterinburg so we saw him often. Since his transfer, we never see him, but from all reports he is alive and well. His companion is a hard-working, dedicated Russian missionary, Elder Mizin. They are serving in Miass in the Chelyabinsk zone. I expect you'll hear from him anytime now, but if you decide to call the Office you'll get to talk to US! : )

Dena said...

Thanks AGAIN for your updates and photos! Apparently Elder Dewey's camera battery died while on the THANKS for the great photos! AND...happy belated B-Day Elder McEvoy! I hope you had a memorable and enjoyable day!