Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Week - Part 4

Culture Day at the Russian History Museum with the Zone made for a nice change of pace. The missionaries don't do this often.

Our hostess was Sister Karnivolova from the local Branch so it was fun for the missionaries to interact with her. Sister Read (San Diego) played the piano using a 100 year old music book; Elder Stewart (NJ) did magic tricks.

We especially like the cast-iron fireplace, made at Kasli. We finished up sitting at tables and learning Russian ettiquette.


Dena said...

Thank you for your wonderful posts. What a great experience for the missionaries.
I heard there was a baptism in Dyoma/Ufa this past week. Of course no pictures accompanied the email...surprise, surprise!:)
The chilly weather will be fast approaching...stay warm.
Have a wonderful week.

dixiewhitehead said...

"Rosie Luxembourg" is a charming place. What a treat to go to the museum with the zone. I'm wondering where Elder Houdini (Stewart) got his costume?

FYI - Sara is really helping out our stake R.S. on Saturday with a display of her many humanitarian service projects she's involved in. What a wonderful young woman.