Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Week - Part 6

Accompanying the Elders to meetings with Valdimir and Tatiana is always a pleasure, in part because she's such a great cook. This week we had borscht, potato pie, and compote--a tasty drink from simmered berries or fruit.

She feeds the missionaries all the time. Vladimir, a boxing coach, asks thoughtful questions at the meetings.

Thanks to Elders Stewart and Anderson for taking us along and for translation.


dixiewhitehead said...

Tatiana is a beautiful woman! What a glowing smile. Fun to see the Russian food.

Kaibert said...

... an allways interesting read!

Eric said...

some true borscht w/ smetana, a good vegie tort, all downed with some compot!!! Can't beat it, I'd love some about now