Thursday, December 18, 2008


Greetings from an internet cafe in Almaty (meaning "apple" because of the great fruit produced here). The lovely city sits at the base of a range of mountains that rival the Tetons. I can't download pictures so they'll come later.

Elders are managing in various apts. Everyone tries to keep up a study regimen, but in the afternoon they take off. Sometimes a service project is available, but mostly the time is spent sightseeing, hiking, etc.

It's cold here, but not as cold as Ekat.

The faithful Members are wonderful. Since missionaries from all the Russian missions have had to come out to get visas, the members pitch in and help. For instance, three members drove out to the airport to pick us up, a 40 minute drive. When they got there they learned our plane had been delayed/rerouted because of fog. They drove back home and came back out to get us three hours later! We're very touched by their goodness. They speak Russian and Kazakh. We really appreciate and admire them.
(Below, Oleg shows up at the Moscow airport with passports; in Almaty, members Pavel and Natasha were our patient drivers.)


dixiewhitehead said...

The missionaries from Ukraine have to go to Bulgaria once a year to renew their visas.

The members in these foreign countries really touch my heart.

Carol Thompson said...

It sounds like you are really having an adventure. How exciting!! The members in the mission field are so faithful. We wish you a very wonderful Christmas and know that you will feel a special warmth and love even though you are away from your family. Love, The Thompson's

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