Friday, December 12, 2008

Ask Moscow

When we have questions about Church programs or policies or supplies, we count on our leaders in the Europe East Area in Moscow to give us answers. It's not uncommon to hear, "Call Moscow and see what they say."

Today I emailed an order form to our Moscow offices with some ambiguous information, thinking, "Moscow will know what to do with this." I just got a phone call from a brother in Moscow, questioning my order. I explained to him my thinking and my hope that he would have answers.

He said kindly, in his Russian accent, "I'm sorry, but it was only during Stalin's time that 'Moscow' knew everything."


R-Eight said...

Great story!

KAIBERT said...

There existied an "institution" (at the time of the iron curtain)for jokes called radio Erewan (Jerewan):
Question to Radio Jerewan:
Is it true, that Iwan Iwanowitsch won a red car in the lotterie?
Answer from radio Jerewan:
Basicly, yes. But it was not Iwan Iwanowitsch, it was Pjotr Petrowitsch. And it was not a car, it was a bicycle. And he did not win it, someone stoled it from him.
But yes, it was red.

BigKev said...