Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coming and Going

We like our walk from our apt. bldg. to the office along this little road. Some autumn days it has been frozen, and we almost always are walking in the dark, morning and evening. Everyone tells us the hard winter has been slow in coming. However, as of today the serious snow is finally here, and it was 10 degrees.

The last view is of the neighborhood we walk through, taken from our apt. window in the fall.


R-Eight said...

I love being able to see your life. I hope you will be back home as soon as you expect.

dixiewhitehead said...

Well, if you think you have it bad...St. George got about 3 inches of snow and it even lasted over night! got down to the 30's!!! :)
Admit it: Mendon is probably colder right now than Yekaterinburg.

Seriously, it was so fun to have a snow storm. We even had a "Snow Day" and they closed the schools yesterday. That's a laugh, isn't it?