Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Photos - Elders on visa trip

"So which hat do you like better? Elder Dewey's old hat or his new one?" They voted on the bus. No vote held on the shorts.
Since we were not authorized missionaries in Kazakhstan, we were very careful to respect their rules, which meant no teaching, no regular missionary attire or nametags, etc.
Sister Keleman (Provo) at the top of the 840 step stairway.

Elders in our District we're great, lead by Elders Kimball with back-up from Elder Isanbarger. Besides morning study time, they were able to use the internet, shop at the "reenick"--a type of swapmeet, and hike up the 840 stairs. In the mall they had pizza."I feel like I'm in America," one Elder said.
Waiting at the airport--without Elders Dewey and Campbell! Their electronic tickets were not accepted at the Almaty airport. Elder Kimball tried to work it out but had to leave them in Kazakhstan to take a later flight.

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Dena Dewey said...

Overcoat, shorts over sweats and dress goodness! I honestly tried to teach Elder Dewey to dress better than that!lol.
Once again, thank you for the wonderful pictures! It's wonderful that you all had a speedy return.