Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby House #4

Elder and Sister Moulton, our Humanitarian Missionaries, invited Sister McEvoy join them Monday for a trip to Revda to visit

 this home for abandoned babies. The cheerful Director told us they had 12 babies right now, and they generally give up about 50 per year for adoption. She said, "I ask myself, would I let my own child go to this family?"

The Moultons distribute Church assistance where needed, then follow up to see that the gifts are in place.  They do not give cash but purchase the items requested and approved.  They gave various items in Revda--therapy toys, furniture, etc.

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dixiewhitehead said...

In Mack's Ukraine Donetsk Mission there is a couple on a humanitarian mission who keep a blog. The Kinghorns have blogged about all the projects they have been involved in and it has been very interesting. In Ukraine, abandoned and disabled children are "put" in a home that is some distance from the community. The environment and ambiance of the "home" is far from enlightening or educational. It's pretty sad. My heart goes out to the children.