Thursday, May 7, 2009

District Conference

In President Leonid Galanov's talk he tenderly shared his conversion and the difficulties he had. "I couldn't quickly accept Christianity because it went against the Party. I had preached Communism." We love and admire him and Sister Galanov.

At the first of the year in the Mission Office, he and Elder McEvoy discussed his very thorough annual District budget proposal, with Elder Finch(Sandy, UT) translating

EDIT: At our May 9th Helping Hands Project, when we were finished raking a cleaning a park, we wanted a picture of Elder Mac standing with our two great leaders, Presidents Galanov and Prihodka. "Nyet!" said President G. in mock-protest. Heaven forbid a photo of them standing around on a work day, he explained in gestures! So they grabbed the nearest shovel to pose.


R-Eight said...

Many people have to change the way they do things to join the church. Having the change your thinking that much must be doubly hard.

Ashley Thalman said...

I cannot get over how interesting the circle of mission life works. Four years ago I was feeling these very things.