Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Language

Despite our best pre-mission efforts, we can't claim to speak or understand Russian. Thankfully, we have learned a few words so that along with a little sign language, we get by.

We senior couples wish we knew more. All of us more or less sound out the hymns.

Elder Moulton laughed at himself when he said some Sundays he's singing along, feeling like he's getting it pretty well, and then realizes he's been on the wrong page!
(Hymn: Love One Another)


KAIBERT said...

... must be tough!

Petrea said...

When we were serving at the MTC with Russian learning missionaries I bought a small lilac plant with the word Moscow in it's name--in honor of our experiences there. Now it's about 3 years old and has blossoms for the first time--the buds are a pale purple but they open to white. I think of you every time I walk past it. We do so admire you and the great work you are doing!