Saturday, May 23, 2009



When the daily mail arrives, everyone in the office watches until the handful of letters is sorted. "Lucky," says one Elder to the only one who got anything. Or "Elder ____ got two. Somebody loves him."

Once mail arrives here, it's held in the office mail boxes until someone travels out to the various areas--and that could mean up to six weeks of waiting.  When we went to visit Perm, one of the Elders noticed a large bag we had and asked, hopefully, "Is that our mail?" We hated to tell him no--we hadn't brought any.
Letters: This service we mentioned before is smart. It's free (to Yekat), and the actual paper letter arrives quickly; you just name the mission, type your letter, and you're done. The next best bet is the SLC Pouch because US postage takes a letter or postcard anywhere.  If you choose USPS, it costs around $1 and takes under three weeks to arrive.

Packages: Big is not better. It's awkward to carry big boxes on trips to deliver. Soft package-type pouches are good. Any smallish box.  Avoid sending anything registered or with special attention. Instead of being expedited, it's held at the Pochta until someone here goes to retrieve it--an unwelcome, Major Effort.

Last week President Allen received a package of Oreo's from Elder Reynolds (released a few weeks ago). The cookies were parceled out to all of us.


dixiewhitehead said...

Thanks. That was very informative. I'll remember those points in sending packages to my son. Also thanks for the "Love One Another" in Russian. I printed it off. I'm very excited to have that, too. Hope you are doing as well as you seem to through cyberspace. Love to you.

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