Friday, May 8, 2009


It looks like the green of spring is here at last.
With our long hours of daylight, it should be fast now.

Coats are no longer necessary for most of us
but this babushka is keeping hers
sitting outside the Office today, enjoying the spring air.


R-Eight said...

Hooray!! Do these seasons remind you of Alaska mom?

dixiewhitehead said...

Spring definitely is coming.

D/D M/M said...

Our son, Ben, went to Russia on his mission. He says the missionaries think that the Russians has a "National Take Off Your Coat Day". When we were in Ukraine in March about 10 years ago the relatives thought I was crazy because I didn't button my coat or wear a hat. It really wasn't that cold. They were all dressed in fur coats and fur hats.

Enjoy reading your blog.