Monday, May 11, 2009


Everyone turned out for Victory Day, sporting striped ribbons and carrying flags in honor of the military. Children were pushed to the front of the crowd or rode on their Dad's shoulders.

The Head Miliatry man was cheered by the soldiers as he reviewed the troops in an open car. "Oo Rah!" Then, he sang the National Anthem over the loud speaker.

After all the soldiers marched by, the tanks and ammunition trucks followed. No bands except a stationary one at Lenin square. No beauty queens in sequins, no floats.

Lenin St. was closed off for day, so people filled it as far as we could see, strolling around downtown.

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Christina said...

Those pictures are really neat-how amazing to see that type of parade-so different that the U.S. and so much of Russian history.

FYI-Eric took us to a Russian Food Festival in downtown Boise last night so he could get some Russian food! Haven't tried it yet (it's frozen), but I'll let you know what I think! :)