Friday, May 1, 2009

Service Hours

  • Elders Vierig (SLC), O'Dair, Haderlie (MT), Anderson (Sacramento,CA) and Melnik (Ukraine) on our Clean-Up-The-Neighborhood-Near-The-Office Day.  Spring thaw reveals lots of trash left throughout the winter.
  • Elders Shreeve (Mesa AZ),  Jensen (AZ) and Dewey(MesaAZ) with Elder Mac, where they deposited countless trash bags, a dog carcass, etc.  
  • Elders Thompson (Driggs, ID) and Sorenson(SLC) rake the lawn around the office.  Lots of cigarette butts accumulate from delivery men and passers-by.
  • After the work, we ate Sister Mac's fajitas using the Most Excellent Tortillas made by Elder Anderson.  

We were happy to have one neighbor thank us and give us her phone number for contacting!

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