Saturday, October 4, 2008


We've seen two baptisms here. This morning, Renot was baptized at the bano/spa the church rents when needed. He's been studying the Church for over six years, but in recent weeks became purposeful. He's a successful, educated man who comes to English class.

Two evenings a week we ride the bus to English class, taught by missionaries. After the hour-long class--beginner, intermediate and advanced--the Elders give a short spiritual thought. Last Thursday, in the intermediate class, during the spiritual thought a woman in the group began talking about "cults" in an accusing way. The Elders responded respectfully, but I could see Renot was exasperated with her. I added my thoughts: "You can judge for yourselves. You can read the books, listen to the Elders, etc. You can see for yourselves. This is a great day for Russia. The Heavens are opened."

Afterward, Renot wanted to talk to me and, with dictionary in hand, he said people who believe her kind of talk are "illiterate"--the word he had looked up.

We had to ride a bus and train to get to the baptism, but it was great to see the people from the branch and the missionaries supporting him. His wife, who isn't a member, came too.

(Elder Stark from Oregon baptized Renot; people with cars are well off.)


liz s said...

that baptistery looks like a huge steam room

Mom in Mendon said...

Exactly right, Liz. To the left is a sauna room, too. You can barely see the wooden water bucket for the sauna on a shelf to the left. Outside the building entrance, women sell swatches of dried leaves (birch?)to use in the sauna.

Eric said...

If you guys get the opportunity to try the BANYA you've got to do it!! you get supper clean (comparitively) and its an awesome cultural experience!!!
This Banya looks quite large compared to the ones that I saw. Baptisms are a great experience in the mission field!