Monday, October 27, 2008


Saturday and Sunday were the days set aside for our District Conference. The Sunday meeting was especially exciting. President Monson was one of the speakers over the satellite system to the saints and others in the East European Area. The messages were translated, and so he was speaking directly to the the people of Russia and the adjoining areas.

The people arrived early, and we had to keep bringing in chairs. As you can see, the conditions for satellite viewing are less than perfect, but we could see and hear. The problem for us was translation. We had to try to hear an Elder translate for us without too much distraction to the others in attendance.

The attendance was 149, counting the missionaries, the investigators along with the Russian saints. The feeling was powerful and will be remembered by these good folks for a long time.

Technology, isn't it amazing when we use it to our benefit?


Dena Dewey said...

Once again, enjoying your posts! What a wonderful experience to have President Monson speak directly to the Russian members.

I love your pictures.

Chuck said...

Comrade McEvoy! Technology is indeed GREAT. Glad you've made it there and can stay in touch with the world.

R-Eight said...

I love this!

BigKev said...

That is sweet. It is wonderful to have a strong spirit when there are investigators!! Cool pics, too!!

Mom and Dad / Gpa and Gma said...

This is R & C Johnson commenting.
Wow, this brings back memories!