Monday, October 27, 2008


Transfers tomorrow! The mission revolves around TRANFERS every six weeks. "I only have two transfers left," or "I served in that area my second transfer." Of course, the missionary's companion, apt., area, assignment all hinge on the transfer.

Elders Campbell (Overton NV) and Stewart (New Jersey) say goodbye to President and Sister Prohodka of the Botanichesky Branch. These Elders, both junior missionaries, ended up serving together most of this transfer because their companions have been stranded in Sweden.

Since we attend Botanica Branch, these Elders check up on us. Just before 10:00PM our phone rings and they make sure we got home OK, ask us about our day, etc. They're both headed to new areas and we'll miss them.
Mission assignments vary. Elder Magleby,(Provo) will serve as Branch President in his area this transfer. The three Elders currently with that assignment don't need to be set-apart because their calling as a missionary gives them the necessary authority.

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