Friday, October 3, 2008

Money - деньги

This is a cash society. Very few times are you able to buy things with a credit card—no checks, either. We have to have some rubles in our pocket. To get rubles we use an ATM and pay the necessary fee. We’re still trying to find our way through the markets, the buses, and the streets

This week while signing the contract for our new apt., we sat at a table with our new landlady, with the two realtors, and with our translator. After signing, we peeled off the many ruble notes and handed the pile to the owner (security deposit). Then she left and we peeled off another handful each to the two realtors.

Everything is interesting to us both! This is fun!


liz s said...

so how much are things? how much is your apartment a month or a gallon of milk?

liz s said...

paying cash with everything is good. i think if i paid cash for everything i'd spend much less.

Mom in Mendon said...

Good question, Liz. I think it needs a whole post.