Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Soviet Era

It has been less than 20 years since the Cold War ended and the Berlin Wall began to be demolished. The Russian Federation began in 1991, replacing the USSR. The effort at continued goodwill is welcome.
On an exploratory trip to Ural University (founded in 1920) here in Yekaterinburg, we noticed vestiges of Soviet influence. The 9' tall wooden double-doors on classrooms had been painted and overlaid with steel walls and heavy, steel locking doors.
Our first apartment had the same heavy door, so that we had to turn the key four times--to open it, or to close it after we were in. Old habits die hard. Even though times have changed, our brand new apt. has the same heavy, steel door--with multiple bolts. It closes with an ominous, heavy-metal echo.

(Pics from University; lock from old apt.)


R-Eight said...

I remember in Prague the stark difference between the architecture of the ugly soviet buildings and the rest of the building. Pretty amazing.

BigKev said...

I am pretty sure we had a door like that in the basement of our house on 100 East in Logan. Isn't that right dad???

Megan said...

I love to see all of the cultural things there. You both look great and it sounds like you are doing so great. Keep posting, we love to hear all about your adventure.

dixiewhitehead said...

It's all so interesting. Thanks for keeping us all informed. May you be blessed in all your efforts.

Elder and Sister McEvoy said...


Behind that door we kept all the extension cords to avoid fires! It worked, Huh?