Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday Church - Botanichesky Branch

We meet in the upper room of this building. We already love these members and wish that we could really speak Russian with them. They totally understand the Church programs, doctrine, etc., and their lessons are always well thought out and prepared. Interesting comments, too. Elders or a sister sit near us to translate.
When members arrive, first they hang up their coats and scarves and change their shoes; the majority come on city buses. Then they start setting up chairs, preparing the sacrament, etc. When it's time for Relief Society, the sisters bring out a table cloth and flowers from the cupboard while the teacher writes the lesson subject on the chalkboard. Afterwards, the RS President takes care of business while her husband waits. It all feels so familiar.
(The RS lesson on the board says, "The Twelve" by Elder Boyd K. Packer; the stitchery says, "Charity Never Faileth." Members getting in cars after church.)


Eric said...

Well, looks like you're going to be getting much cooler weather soon, home you've got your "carpet pants" (ask the elders, they'll explain) and shopka's ready!!!!

HA HA HA I love winter there!


Mom in Mendon said...

Eric, We can feel it coming! Yesterday Elder Mac bought a down jacket with a fur edge on the collar. We still need hats and gloves.
Love ya!

Marcia said...

Great work.