Friday, October 3, 2008


These next posts are from BOTH of us.

In the early 80's, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, a USU professor in teaching his class scoffed at the idea that communism was huge and scarey. He said the greatest socioeconomic influence in the world's socioeconomics was water--its cleanliness and who owned it. At that time, he said bad water was killing more people than any war.

We were told before we came that we should expect to drink bottled water. When we shower, we shouldn't get the water in our mouths. The water appears clean but may be contaminated. For the same reason, we must wash and/or peel fresh fruits and vegetables. Lettuce must be washed in filtered or clorox water leaf by leaf. Our apartment and office have filters for water--an extra spigot at the kitchen sink.


R-Eight said...

We had to do that in Germany on one post, it made me appreciate the ease of using a faucet.

Eric said...

Do the filters that your use have a three cylinder containers with a small hose that attaches to the faucet? These are the ones that our entire mission used in Moscow.