Saturday, October 4, 2008

General Conference Weekend

It is Conference weekend here as well as in Utah. we are just watching and working at night instead of day.
We will have 'Church as usual' this weekend, and then gather to watch Conference in a couple weeks. We are recording the sessions in both English and Russia, and then we will copy the DVDs to distribute to the branches and the missionaries. One satellite dish in Yekaterinburg, and so we are fortunate.

We stayed up Saturday night to watch Conference on the Internet for the first time. We did some other things while watching, and enoyed hearing from the prophets, the moving music, and the Spirit of truth as we sit in our office across the world.

What a blessing to have this Church in our lives, and to have the technology to share it across the globe.


Barbara K said...
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Barbara K said...

You watched conference later than I did. For us it ended at midnight. For you it must have been about 3 in the morning. Or was it later?

I remember listening to rebroadcasts of conference in Hawaii in the middle of the night. That was the time the am radio waves got thru without interference.

The comment I just removed said it was done at 6 a.m. Strange, it's 15:06 here. 3 p.m. It can't be a 9 hour time difference from Austria, can it?

Mom in Mendon said...

I know we're 12 hours from Utah.

I just looked it up--we're four hours ahead of you. How's the weather in Salzburg? We've had some lovely fall days here.

Eric said...

You guys really lucked out! We didn't hear anything from conference until the DVD's or Liahona came out, and even then some areas didn't receive any mail or supplies for 3-4 weeks.

Good stuff, Conference was great!!